My Top 3 Favorite Photography Locations in KC | Part 3

It has been a minute since I have blogged about some of my favorite locations in Kansas City for photography sessions. You can find my other posts here & here from...woah three years ago?! How is that possible? Time flies!! I struggled with what to name this blog post because, let's face it, I have way more than just three favorite locations to photograph in Kansas City, which is why I am now on part 3 of this blog series that started, like, forever ago. But at the same time, I didn't really want to come up with an entirely new title...SO, here goes....part THREE of my top locations to photograph in Kansas City.

1. The Country Club Plaza

Ahh...The Country Club Plaza in KC. I love this location because there are so many amazing textures in the structure of the buildings, literally, everywhere. I also love that you can get such a great variety in photographic backgrounds such as the street lights, parking garages, as well as the J.C. Nichols Fountain all in the same area.

2. Downtown P&L

Give me all the lights!! I love city lights and twinkly bulb lights in any photo. This is such a great location for street lights and a different view of the buildings in Kansas City as well. But in addition to all of that, there are a few pockets of greenery which is great for variety in your session photos. Everywhere you turn, something new and exciting can be found to photograph.

3. River Market

I love the River Market area because there are, again, SO many textures to work with in that area. Sometimes, you can walk pretty much anywhere and find little pops of color, brick, bridges, and maybe a few twinkly bulb lights. ;)

Bonus: Grinter Farms

Yaasss....BONUS location. Mainly because, well, it's not exactly in Kansas City. BUT, it's not that far. It's closer to Lawrence and it deserves to be on someone's favorites list because it is...amazing. I loved shooting there because it is such a romantic setting, and hello, just look at those sunflowers!! 

If you've made it through this entire blog and are still reading, YAY! I really enjoy writing these because it is such a great reminder of how amazing Kansas City truly is. There is SO much photographic variety everywhere you turn. Stay tuned for Part 4...maybe I'll get that written up some time in the next few years. ;)

All The Best,