Our Kansas City Kitchen Renovation

If you have been following my insta and snapchat stories, you know that we have been doing a bit of a major kitchen overhaul for the last few weeks. This project actually started about 10 months ago in April of last year when we decided we wanted to paint our cabinets a lighter color and replace our counter tops with granite. Ten months later, we finished the project and painted the walls and trim as well as replaced the backsplash. 

When we first bought our house, we bought it because we love the area, the space, and the layout. However, not one single thing in our house had been updated since 1995 when the house was built. Below is a photo of the kitchen from the listing when we bought the house. Next, you'll see the progression photos after we replaced the counter tops and painted the cabinets. Finally, you'll see the kitchen all finished! 

We couldn't be happier with the whole renovation and we worked with some great people to help us bring our vision to life! 

Counter Tops: Granite Tops
Cabinets: Lorrie with Creative Cabinets
Wall & Trim + Backsplash, Under cabinet lighting & Kitchen Window Installation: Angel Ramon & his amazing team! Give him a call if you're looking to do some home updates. They are the best! - 913-401-5795

The below photo was taken right after our cabinets were completed and counter tops replaced. We love how this combination really brightened up our kitchen! 

Choosing a paint color is truly one of the hardest decisions we made. We knew we wanted grey, but which shade of grey? We bought about 6 samples all together and finally decided on Flannel Grey for the kitchen!

Below are the final, finished kitchen photos! We are thrilled and so happy with how it all turned out. Also, I want to give a shout out to Lauren Heim, whose amazing artwork is gracing our kitchen walls in 3 different places! (Kansas City sign, Herbs print, & Holy Guacamole print). Lauren, you're the best!

Also, we discovered through the trim process that we needed to have our kitchen sink window replaced. Angel did an amazing job installing the window for us and creating a custom trim around the window for us. We love it!

In addition to our kitchen update, we also have Angel and his team paint the walls and trim of our living room. I'll be sharing those photos in the days to come! :) 

We are thrilled with the updates and the team who helped us with all of it. 

All The Best,