My Top 3 Favorite Wedding Trends for 2014 | KC Wedding Photographer

This year, I have completely immersed myself in all things wedding. And I love that. Over many months, I have noticed several gorgeous wedding trends emerge for 2014. I am so inspired by all of the creativity and amazing details that are being incorporated into weddings these days. And every year, someone thinks of something new! It is a joy and a privilege to get to photograph such creativity.  In this post, I will highlight my top 3 favorite wedding trends for 2014, so far. 

1.) Rose gold accents.
Whether it is the rose gold wedding band on the bride's finger or the rose gold sequin (yes sequin) table covers, I am obsessed. I have even seen wedding cakes accented with metallic rose gold icing. Don't ask me how they do that one....but it's gorgeous.

Wedding Trends | KC Wedding Photographer

2.) Succulents in bridal bouquets.
I'm over the moon for this one. I am madly in love with a new twist on greenery in bridal bouquets. I love the different textures PLUS it gives the look of a fuller bouquet. I have seen a lot of brides carrying these on their wedding day and even groomsmen incorporating this in their boutonnieres. Love!

Wedding Trends | KC Wedding Photographer

3.) Bridal Headpieces
This is a nice, vintage alternative to the traditional bridal veil.  This is usually worn as a head piece with netting that covers the brides eyes and nose. I have photographed a couple of weddings this year where the bride as worn a netting headpiece rather than a traditional bridal veil, perhaps doing a new twist on the 50's vintage style from the past. They were both indescribably stunning

Wedding Trends | KC Wedding Photographer

I can't wait to see what else my brides have come up with this Fall for their beautiful weddings. I am so inspired by all of them!

All The Best,