Wedding Trends | Cupcakes & Sweets

Love is sweet. But even sweeter are the cupcakes and dessert tables I've been seeing at weddings.  I've noticed over the last few years that traditional wedding cakes are not so traditional anymore. New trends emerge all the time in the wedding industry and I have had my eye on some of them. Rose gold engagement rings / wedding bands, naked cakes (no icing on the top), rose gold sequin table cloths with blush pink accents are just a few of my favorites. But one that has caught my eye and has been able to stick around for a while (at least a few years) are cupcake towers instead of a traditional wedding cakes. Along with this, sweets tables with multiple kinds of amazing desserts. The bride and groom still have a small cake made just for them to cut and reserve for their first wedding anniversary but their guests can choose between multiple varieties of delicious sweets. Love this.

What are some of your favorite wedding trends?

All The Best,