How To Prepare For Your Photo Session

Whether you are getting ready for your engagement shoot or rounding up the whole family for a few family photos, it is important to prepare in advance for your session. How does one prepare for a photo session you ask? Well, I'm about to give a few tips that I hope will help point you in the right direction!

I get quite a few questions from clients about preparing for an upcoming photo shoot. Typically, I will tell my clients to bring whatever props they'd like that are special to them and showcase their relationships. I also tell them to wear whatever they feel most comfortable in or feel their best in. Those things still ring true to what I would want for my clients but here are some more specific ideas to help get your creative juices flowing!

1.) Bring props that showcase your relationship. Whether it be a blanket that is special to your baby or champagne glasses that you plan on using on your wedding day, bring those along! They are special to you and important to document. We can use this! Maybe it is a book that is unique to your relationship or a letter that your fiancΓ© wrote you on your anniversary. Bring it! It helps me to tell your story and gives some depth to the photograph. In the photo below, the car was important to this couple, so we made sure to capture some shots with it.

What to Wear to your engagement session | Marissa Cribbs Photography

2.) Color coordinate your outfit choices. Select outfits that have the same or similar color pallets but mix it up! In other words, not everyone has to wear the same thing. ;) I suggest wearing colors that will stand out against the location we are shooting at. The colors do not have to match but rather, they should compliment each other. 

What to Wear to your engagement session | Marissa Cribbs Photography

3.) Bring multiple outfit changes. I tell people to bring more than one outfit because it gives the session a little more diversity. If it's an engagement session, I tell couples to bring a casual outfit and maybe a more formal outfit. Again, it helps document your story and gives the session a little more depth. This is strongly suggested, especially if we are only going to one location to photograph. Side note: I currently do not have a limit on the number of outfit changes allowed per session but I do have a 2 hour time limit for standard sessions. So, whatever you can fit into that 2 hours, I am totally game for it!


I hope this has helped to prepare you for your next photo session with me. ;) But most of all, I want to inspire you and help to make these sessions fun and easy for you. All in all, I want to tell your story. So bring what is meaningful to you.

All The Best,