Photo Print on Wood | Products | KC Photographer

Today I want to share a little bit about one of the products I offer in my Gold Wedding Package. I get a lot of questions regarding the look and feel of this product, and I want to outline some unique features plus share an example of what one looks like! The product I am talking about is a photo print on wood. This product is super cool and different plus gets great reviews at the Bridal Shows I have been attending. 


Aside from its awesome uniqueness, here are a couple other cool features:

- Super durable: The ink is actually infused into the wood so that means it is heat and moisture resistant. You can clean with a wet rag without smearing the ink.

- Portrait and landscape slots for easy hanging

This is probably one of my favorite products I offer because of its uniqueness. And you do not have to book a wedding with me to order one! If are a client of mine, and would like to have one on your wall, I would love to provide this for you! Just get in touch with me for more information on ordering. Have more questions? Drop me a line, I'd love to share more with you!

All The Best,