My Top Three Favorite Locations for Photo Sessions in Kansas City

Oh, I love living in Kansas City. From the wide open spaces in the suburbs, filled with beautiful parks and recreation, to the tall buildings with amazing textures downtown. I love experiencing the beauty and diversity of KC. Here are my top three favorite locations for photo sessions in Kansas City.

1.) KC West Bottoms | KC, MO


In the number one spot is the West Bottoms in KC, MO. This has to be my favorite place to photograph. I cannot begin to outline the fantastic array of colors and textures this location holds. In one direction, is a beautiful brick building with so much character, and in another direction is a stunning view of the sunset peeking through tall buildings. This is a photographer's playground! There is so much to see and capture which makes for the perfect background for any photo session.


2.) Sark-Ko-Par Park | Lenexa, KS


In the number two spot is Sar-Ko-Par Park in Lenexa, KS. This park holds a special place in my heart as it is one of the first locations where I began my photography journey. With spectacular trees (which are gorgeous in the Fall), beautiful stone buildings, a red barn, and gorgeous bridges, Sar-Ko-Par Park offers so much variety. There are MANY stunning photo opportunities at this park.


3.) Liberty Memorial | KC, MO


My third favorite location for photo sessions in KC is Liberty Memorial. This location has a breathtaking view of Union Station and downtown KC. I love taking clients here for sessions because it offers a lot of photographic variety. Plus, who doesn't want a photo with downtown KC in the background? Aside from the phenomenal view, this location also has a lot of wonderful textures and nature scenes as well. 


Of course, I have a long list of fabulous locations for photo sessions and am always finding new places that are off the beaten path. I absolutely love when clients share locations with me that are special and specific to them. After all, these photos are all about Y-O-U! Let's chat about your next photo session and come up with some great places for you and yours!

All The Best,