Random Friday | DIY Jewelry Holder + Gold Accents

So, I was watching "Watch What Happens Live" on Bravo last night…I usually don't watch that show but Nick had already fallen asleep and I get sooo depressed with the news so I decided to change the channel over to Bravo. Anyway, Rachel Zoe was on the show last night with Isaac Mizrahi. Anyone know Rachel Zoe? Andy Cohen asked what each of them thought the color of the year was and Isaac said, "Yellow." And I thought, "ehh…" and then Rachel said "Gold." And then I was like, "YES!" I have been so crazy about gold this year so far, in all different shades. 

This is totally random but hey! It's Friday and I think Friday's are reserved for fun, random things. So, a couple weeks ago, Nick and I started our Spring Cleaning and I re-organized all of my jewelry. One of the projects I did was spray paint some empty wine bottles with a rose gold / bronze color to put my bracelets and watches on. And. I. Love. It.


I've been seeing gold accents everywhere from picture frames to home decor accessories to staplers for your desk….(gotta get one of those staplers).

I guess we should stop trying to update all of our brassy / gold fixtures in our house now! Never thought I'd say that...

Anyone else loving GOLD this year??

Have a FABULOUS Random Friday! Do something today that makes you smile!

All The Best,